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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quick Suzuki update

The gas tank's at the radiator shop for steam cleaning and resealing. It should be ready in just another day ot two. The seat with its ugly, slip fit cover has beeen taken to an upholstery shop for a new, real cover.

It took two tries to get a fabric shop for the seat. The first place wanted 4 hours or more at $55/hour plus materials and I had to beg off for that kind of cash. The second place is ran by a couple old guys that have been in business for about forever. The fellow that looked at the seat studied it for a bit, scratched his head about the non-stock, added-in bit of foam from a previous effort and how to get some new foam to replace it. Then he said he reckoned he could get it done for $85-90! I told him I would be glad to have him do the work.

I've painted more of the frame and now its really just a matter of getting all the parts back and reassembled. Then I can start seeing if the motor is going to need any further attention.

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